Fine Art

Lottie Adams

I draw inspiration from contrasts in light and shade, and enjoy capturing the spirit of people and pets in portrait commissions.

Roger Allen

Working in watercolour and oils, Roger creates highly detailed landscapes, industrial scenes and more unusual narrative paintings.

Bob Bernard

Bob’s art is worked from the striking and rugged scenery found in the Peak District. It’s very much focused on paint, and how he uses his oils, with expressive mark making and textures to capture the dramatic physical structures of the Peaks which are enhanced by the light and colour that the seasons bring, with the ever-changing weather that shifts through these landscapes.

Adrienne Brown

Adrienne is a textile artist and printmaker, exploring various combinations of print, embroidery, photomontage and collage.

Giles Davies

It’s amazing what you can create with recycled magazine cuttings.

Cath Dunn

Using patterns, curves and rhythms, Cath captures the feel of the Peak District in mixed media, watercolours and oils.

Louise Edwards

It is the childish delight at our splendid countryside and its inhabitants-be they animal or plant, native or carefully encouraged-that continually makes me try to capture this wonder of British nature and the magical part that the changing seasons play within it.

Steve Elliott

Pastel paintings in contemporary style inspired by the landscape of the Peak National Park

Elizabeth Forrest

Elizabeth Forrest is a lettering artist, combining hand-made paper with painted lettering, to interpret text in a visually exciting and sensitive way.

Judy Gilley

Judy’s paintings are often inspired by ‘special places’ which hold emotional charge. Derbyshire and the Peak District are a recurring obsession because of their associations.

Laura Grace

Laura Grace is a British oil painter living in Derbyshire. Her inspiration is taken from the ever-changing light and array of colours found particularly along the Cornish coast and throughout Derbyshire where she lives. Laura`s work is characterized by a fascination with light and movement, how marks can become unified to create the illusion of movement, how colours can be implemented to create the illusion of light.

Ruth Gray

Using collage, mixed media, and acrylic paint Ruth Gray expresses layers of history and heritage within her paintings.

Catriona Hall

Always left-facing and often rather portly, the creatures depicted by Catriona Hall are largely based on those that surround her studio.

Sarah Joseph

Acrylic on canvas semi abstract painting of a female figure from the neck up, with her head resting gently on her left hand. Encircled by a halo of yellows, reds and oranges with highlights of blue and green.

Sarah is a Trinidadian Painter now living in the UK, who works in acrylic on canvas, experimenting with resist techniques to create texture, pattern and movement, usually utilising the human figure within a semi-abstract vein.

Ingrid Katarina Karlsson

Ingrid is known as a narrative mixed media artist using mono print, stitching, colour mediums and words. Her work is inspired by storytelling and the beautiful Peak District landscapes around her studio.

Catherine Kleeli

Catherine is an Artist working across several disciplines. Her paintings are mainly in oils and her machine stitched collaged works are made using recycled paper. Her subject matter is usually figurative and inspired by a photographic starting point.

Craig Longmuir

Craig paints the Peak District landscape from direct observation using oil paint on canvas. His intention is to describe the unique experience of being in the environment by using thin washes of paint, impasto brush marks, skeins of dripped, spattered paint and drawing sgraffito with the end of the brush into the surface.

Lesley Linley

A painting of flower shadows with a glimpse of the flowers

Watercolour painter of landscapes and waterfalls of Peak District and Isle of Skye. When not painting landscapes Lesley explores light and shadows in painting flowers and glassware.

Bethan Nadin

Bethan’s acrylic landscapes paintings are vibrant and fresh. She enjoys finding inspiration outdoors and across the UK, anywhere from coastlines and sea cliffs to ridgelines and mountain ranges

Sue Nichol

Inspired by edges, Sue works mainly in oils, and revels in the flexibility of this media. Her paintings are rich in texture and subtle glazes.

Patricia O’Brien

Patricia is a fine art printmaker based in Chesterfield. She uses a blend of different printing methods to create dynamic and contemporary images. A mixture of figurative and abstract, her work often has a twist of humour added for good measure.

Sandra Orme

Her vivid work not only reflects the intense hues and tones of wild open spaces, but also evokes a sense of place

Jo Polmear

In her work, Jo Polmear’s love of colour, texture and light shines out. She works in watercolours, oils and mixed media to create vibrant contemporary images.

Sue Prince

Tales told in traditional ways, of events, issues and processes. Sue’s award winning egg tempera works are narrative, communicative and decorative.

Jill Ray

Jill creates prints by draws digitally and paints in oils

Katherine Rhodes

Katherine’s work is inspired by landscape and adventures that connect us with the wild and rugged places from mountains, hills, to moorland, water, and sea.

Tim Rose

Tim Rose paints in oil and watercolour and relates to his experience living in a city with proximity to the beautiful Derbyshire countryside.

Gary Sampson

Gary paints dynamic landscapes in oil paint of aspects of the rugged and beautiful environment of the Peak National Park where he lives

Pam Smart

Working from her studio in the beautiful Peak District, Pam Smart takes inspiration from the natural and built environment, painting flowers, gardens and architecture.

Liz Wellby

Liz explores a range of images through drawing, print and sculpture, taking a fresh look at traditional themes.

Cheryl Wilbraham

Paintings in Watercolour inspired by the call to record and respond to the things I see in my environment .

Lynne Wilkinson

Lynne’s inspiration is drawn from local rolling hills, farms, animals and flowers with flamboyant use of colour and paint.