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Membership of Peak District Artisans


Application Deadlines – We have three selection dates each year – 2nd February, 2nd May & 2nd October.  Get your applications in by 8.00pm on the appropriate date.


Who are we?

We are a professional group of hardworking and enthusiastic artists, designer-makers and artisans based in and around the Peak District.


What is the aim of the group?

Our aim is to promote and sell beautiful artwork and products that are created in the Peak District. This is achieved through the organisation of high quality events in which members are given the opportunity to participate.

In 2019 this included the following events:

Jan  – March   –   Peak District Artisans at Chatsworth House

May  –   Derbyshire Open Arts at Beechenhill Farm. Ilam

July  –   Peak District Artisan’s Great Dome Art Fair, Buxton

Nov  –   Peak District Artisans’ Winter Artisan Fair at the Whitworth Centre, Darley Dale


How is PDA run?

PDA is a thriving community of makers and producers whose success depends upon it’s members volunteering their time, expertise and goodwill for the benefit of the organisation.

A lively and dedicated committee  share the responsibilities for group publicity, finance, organising social media activity and membership matters. However, there is an expectation that ever member will volunteer to help and contribute to the group in the best way that they can. On successful application a list of some of the ways in which members can give their time and energy is sent out in a ‘welcome pack’ so that new members can give consideration to how they might be able to contribute towards the enterprise. The committee meet every other month and an AGM is held in October.


How is PDA financed?

We are a self-funding organisation the money being raised from membership fees which currently stand at £250 per annum or 3 spread payments of £87.  There are additional costs for stands at the various public events. The membership fee covers the cost of the full colour printed brochure, the PDA website and the professional support of experts where necessary.


How is PDA publicised?

We have a widely distributed annual full colour brochure and a popular website that promotes collective activities as well as individual events and workshops. We also have a team who run the PDA Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram. Each event is well advertised through local newspapers and magazines in addition to banners, posters and flyers that are distributed in all the appropriate areas.


What do we gain collectively?

As artists we gain from being part of a collective of like- minded people from a variety of genres. Opportunities arise that enable us to show our work in prestigious venues that would never be available to us as individuals. On these occasions we can rely on each other to show quality work, beautifully presented which in turn creates events that we are proud to be part of and our guests are inspired by.


What do we gain individually?

To be a member of Peak District Artisans opens doors. The group are known not only for their professionalism and high standards but also for their reliability and trustworthiness. This means that invitations are often extended to members to give talks, workshops or demonstrations with the sure knowledge that we will provide a quality service. We have the opportunity to show and sell our work through the organised events thus increasing our own profiles. Galleries in the area know of PDA so immediately recognise that there will be a standard of work that they are seeking. We also have the opportunity to make friends among the group and enjoy a sense of ‘belonging’.


How do we select new members?

We are always delighted to welcome new members to the group. Selection takes place three times a year (February, May and October) where applications are thoroughly reviewed by a membership group representing a cross section of genres. Those who are deemed to be potential members are invited to interview where we apply carefully developed assessment criteria. These criteria include

A unique creative response

Development of ideas

Presentation and skill

Professional and Business experience

PDA reciprocal expectations

More detail on these criteria can be found here – We recommend reading this document through carefully to ensure you understand what we look for in prospective members.  Feel free to contact us ([email protected]) if you would to discuss any aspect of this criteria.

The interview is an opportunity for the candidates to present their work and discuss the wider issues of membership in PDA. Successful applicants are selected for their outstanding creative works of art or hand-crafted artefacts, reflecting unique skills and creativity.

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