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Sue Nichol

Inspired by edges, Sue works mainly in oils, and revels in the flexibility of this media. Her paintings are rich in texture and subtle glazes.


Sue Nichol’s paintings are of places she knows very well and visits over and over again, both literally and imaginatively. She is attracted to the ‘edges of the land’ including our fabulous and varied coastline as well as the rocky edges to be found throughout the British landscape.

Sue finds constant inspiration in the sea in all its moods and it is a subject to which she is frequently drawn, striving always to capture its movement and strength, which she finds both fascinating and frightening.

She works mainly in oils, and revels in the flexibility of this media. Sue uses brushes, fingers, sticks, knives, pens or anything else to hand to make marks on the canvas. She creates texture with various materials, such as sand, paste, even sea-coal, to create the desired effect. Her paintings are a mixture of bold strokes and impasto effects whilst more subtle areas are created through the use of glazes and fine brush work.

Sue is a regular exhibitor in various galleries and a familiar figure at Staithes Festival of Art and Heritage where her demonstrations and talks are very popular.


07703 162356

107 Carr Road
S6 2WY