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Jo Polmear

In her work, Jo Polmear’s love of colour, texture and light shines out. She works in watercolours, oils and mixed media to create vibrant contemporary images.


Jo Polmear was born and grew up by the Yorkshire Dales but now lives with her family on the Derbyshire /Staffordshire border. After studying Design at college she became a Commercial Interior Designer, but painting was always in the background. She has now decided to make that her main focus, her love of colour ,texture and light, all considerations in Interior Design, shine out in her paintings.

Her joyful paintings of Flowers and Foliage celebrate their vibrance, colours and forms and her Landscapes reference the countryside of her childhood and her new home by the Derbyshire Peaks.

Her current work is inspired by the spirit of Forests and Ancient Woods. Jo is a believer in the sense of wellbeing and mindfulness  that comes from time spent tree bathing in these woodlands.