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Sarah Morley

Sarah Morley’s art reflects a love of the natural form and the outdoors. Her oil paintings and mixed media drawings are vibrant, expressive and textured.


Sarah Morley’s art shows her passion for colour, energy and texture. Sarah’s interest is in the natural form, in land, sea and sometimes the human figure. She paints in oils in an expressive, semi -abstract style using oil often using palette knives, big brushes and occasionally some collage. Her drawings using charcoal, pastel and mixed media are also popular.

Sarah is also a keen hill walker, and her interest in walking and art has coincided in her descriptions of Derbyshire walks in her blog.

Sarah’s work has sold in the USA, France and within the UK. Her work can be viewed at her studio in Stockport or online, thorough her website and may be found on several international fine art websites.

Sarah runs regular art classes in painting from her studio in Stockport.


07946 432818


Studio 27G
3rd Floor
Vernon Mill
Mersey Street