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Ruth Gray

Mixed media town and landscape painter. Working in waterbased media depicting Derbyshire landscape and industrial heritage.


Ruth is a mixed media landscape artist – The subjects that really excite her have a sense of mystery, figures in the landscape, rolling skies and hidden corners. she loves the moods of nature and the weather and seasons.

Ruth is well known locally for her depictions of Derbyshire industrial heritage landscapes and is currently working on a series about the Derwent Valley.

Although she has painted with oils and watercolour her preferred medium is acrylic. She loves their flexibility, they can be used like oil or watercolour, palette knife heavy impasto thin washes multiple glazes, wet on wet or wet on dry are all techniques she can and does use.

Ruth likes to work on both canvas and paper. Her works on paper tend to be more illustrative using various mixed media techniques with ink, pastel and watercolour.

While her paintings are usually representational they are often stylised or abstracted to a degree and she certainly take great liberty with the colours she chooses (hence –anything but grey!)She is aiming not for realism but for capturing mood and atmosphere. No matter what her subject, she wants to create a painting that people can live with and enjoy for a long time.

Ruth’s work has been shown nationally and internationally in over 100 exhibitions. She demonstrates her techniques for clubs and societies as well as conducting one to one tuition. Ruth also undertakes commissions and her most popular are of buildings and street scenes.