Temima Crafts

These tactile, fascinating boxes are as intriguing on the inside as they are beautiful on the outside.
Contact: 01159307628 ray@temima.co.uk

P and P (To be signed for) is not included in the price of the boxes or castles; for ‘Bloomin’ Clever Boxes’ add £5, for ‘Vanishing Castles’ add £4.10. Please contact me (ray@temima.co.uk) if you would like to watch a short video of any of the numbered boxes being opened, or the numbered castles appearing/disappearing. I am happy to deliver to addresses in the South and South East parts of Derbyshire, or you may collect your purchase from my home in Ilkeston (there is no need to come into the house to access the garden or conservatory). We do not charge for short pyrographed inscriptions on the bottoms of the boxes or castles.

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