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Patricia O’Brien

Patricia is a fine art printmaker based in Chesterfield.  She uses a blend of different printing methods to create dynamic and contemporary images.  A mixture of figurative and abstract, her work often has a twist of humour added for good measure.   

Dry-Point Etching with Linocut
Monoprint with Linocut
Monoprint with Linocut
Multi-plate Linocut


Patricia focuses on bold, colour combinations, negative and positive space, vacillating between relief (linocut), intaglio (etching) and including the exciting method of monoprint.

She is inspired by such sources such as 1960’s Danish pottery, 1950’s fabric and wallpaper design, folk art, insects, fruit, vegetables, flowers, and items around the home.

Originally from London, Patricia completed her MA in Fine Art printmaking at Camberwell College of Art in 1998 and has exhibited in many venues in London and Derbyshire, where she relocated to in 2007.

She is passionate about printmaking and is never happier than when spending creative time in her studio, where she has all the freedom to explore her medium and get really inky in the process.


07794 040852