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Lesley Linley

Watercolour painter of landscapes and waterfalls of Peak District and Isle of Skye. When not painting landscapes Lesley explores light and shadows in painting flowers and glassware.
Waterfall in dappled light
Vase and flower shadows
A frozen waterfall
A painting of flower shadows with a glimpse of the flowers
Waterfall in dappled light


Derbyshire born and bred, Lesley is a professional artist working in traditional watercolour. She’s spent most of her life in the county and working life has been mainly art related, as Graphic Designer, Adult Community Education Tutor, calligrapher and painter; she now concentrates on painting. She spent fourteen years living on the Isle of Skye and opened a studio there, from where she ran watercolour workshops for local people and visitors from UK and overseas. Her paintings have made their way to USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.

The subjects of her paintings are often the landscapes with which she is so familiar, places which evoke memories. She returned to Derbyshire in 2018 and completed her book about painting Mountain Scenes in Watercolour which features the landscape of Skye and Lochalsh. Skye’s waterfalls and streams inspired some of the paintings for which she’s best known and she’s keen to continue her interest in these, seeking out and painting Peak District waterfalls. Interior scenes featuring flowers or glassware provide another source if inspiration, combining her love of flowers with interesting shadow patterns.