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Laura Grace

Laura Grace is a British oil painter living in Derbyshire. Her inspiration is taken from the ever-changing light and array of colours found particularly along the Cornish coast and throughout Derbyshire where she lives. Laura`s work is characterized by a fascination with light and movement, how marks can become unified to create the illusion of movement, how colours can be implemented to create the illusion of light.

As a Derbyshire artist with a lifelong affinity for Cornwall, Laura Grace is endlessly captivated by the interplay of light and movement in the natural world. Her artistic journey is a continuous exploration of these ephemeral qualities, seeking to capture and convey their elusive beauty through her artwork.

Cornwall holds a special place in her heart, with its rugged coastline, dramatic landscapes, and ever-changing light. Laura finds that working en plein air is one of the defining aspects of her artistic process, which she does whenever possible. She aims to inform her practice by immersing herself in the very landscapes and seascapes she brings to life on canvas.

In Laura’s artistic practice, she strives to recreate memories and evoke a sense of wonder and awe in the viewer. Through her use of oil paint, she aims to translate the essence of light and movement onto the canvas, creating a visual symphony of colour, texture, and form.

In her studio, Laura translates her outdoor experiences onto canvas using an alla prima approach to oil painting. This approach, characterised by its immediacy and spontaneous style, defines her loose and painterly artistic expression. Her studio work reflects the essence of her en plein air experiences, capturing the vibrancy and emotional depth of the natural world.