Holly Clifford

Contour Map Collection – Highly bespoke contour map jewellery & wall art, created from landscapes holding your stories & memories. Handmade at Yorkshire Artspace, Sheffield.


Holly is the face behind Contour Map Collection, striving to celebrate our relationship to the land by harnessing the narrative power of maps. 

Holly works with her clients to create highly bespoke pieces of topographical jewellery & wall art, weaving their story into the metal. Using the elevation data of meaningful landscapes, the contour lines are cut into metal then hand formed, resulting in stunning, complexly layered structures. Incredibly personalisable, the precious metal jewellery pieces and large scale brass wall maps are often detailed with gemstone or gold location markers, engraved rivers and trails, initials, coordinates and memorable dates. 

“Holders of memories; maps tell the tales of our adventures, celebrating our emotional connection with the soil, sky & mountains.”

After graduating from Birmingham School of Jewellery in 2016, she moved up to Sheffield in 2018 where she now has a workshop at Yorkshire Artspace.