PDA at the Gasworks – Christmas Art Fair

Sudbury Gasworks, School Lane, Sudbury, Derbyshire, DE6 5HZ


For the first time 15 members of The Peak District Artisans will be holding a Christmas Art Fair at the newly restored Sudbury Gasworks

Another new and architecturally interesting venue for PDA

2nd & 3rd December 2023, 10am – 4.30pm
Free entry and car parking

The Gasworks was built around 1874 and produced gas for Sudbury Hall and many houses in the village. Dismantled in 1930s the building quickly fell into disrepair, however local volunteers formed Sudbury Gasworks Restoration Trust in 2014 to save the building and after being awarded National Lottery Heritage Grant Funding in 2019 the building is now fully restored.

The building comprises the original Grade II listed brick building, featuring a vaulted ceiling with exposed iron work and red brick walls, and a glazed link leading to the Gas Holder, a unique and stunning round room constructed on the foot-print of the original gas holder. Altogether a perfect venue for our Christmas Art Fair.