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Vivienne Sillar

Handbuilt ceramic forms which are inspired by birds and aquatic life. Burnished and smoke fired, each piece is unique.


Vivienne Sillar trained at Grays School of Art, Aberdeen (1976 -1981) and specialised in sculpture and ceramics. Soon after graduating she started a 30 year period of working in Arts Administration, Gallery Education and Lecturing in Art and Design, working in Sunderland, Cumbria, Sheffield and Chesterfield. Having worked at helping others to show, appreciate and create artwork she is now returning to her own creativity.

“I am a compulsive beachcomber and gatherer. Every walk along the shore or in the countryside provides a starting point for another piece of work. Streamlined, fluid shapes of birds and sea creatures are a source of inspiration for me as a sculptor in clay. I employ diverse materials such as seaweed, banana skins, and avocados in the smoke firings to create the random patination on the surface of each piece. Each work is unique and cannot be repeated”.

Vivienne exhibits throughout the year with Peak District Artisans and also shows in galleries in Scotland, England, Wales and The Channel Islands. Please see her website for details of upcoming shows and galleries.