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Steve Elliott

Pastel paintings in contemporary style inspired by the landscape of the Peak National Park.


Vibrant hues, richness of tone and rhythmic composition are hall marks of Steve Elliott’s light-filled paintings which set out to capture the spirit and atmosphere of the Derbyshire landscape. His award winning paintings evoke the poetry of light in all seasons and transient, active skies are a feature of his work.

Steve has exhibited at many high profile art fairs around the country – Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Cheshire, Windsor, Reading – and his images of the Derbyshire landscape are equally popular in his home territory in South Yorkshire and across the Peak District.

The versatility of pastel is superbly adapted to the expression of light and colour. Wash-like transparency, opaque impasto, subtle textures, vibrant colours and atmospheric tones are characteristic of Steve’s work. He enjoys finding new ways of expressing the visual qualities he wants in his paintings, seeking expressive images which will resonate with the viewer. He works in a diversity of styles and images range from the naturalistic to the contemporary.

Steve gained an honours degree in fine art in Sheffield then spent 30 years as an art educator before embarking on a full time career as professional artist. The call of the Peak District and in particular of the Dark Peak has always drawn him back and provides the stimulus for creativity and inspiration in his work.


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