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Sandra Orme

Award-winning pastel and charcoal artwork of land, sea and sky. Her vivid work not only reflects the intense hues and tones of wild open spaces, but also evokes a sense of place


Sandra Orme is one of the North West’s leading pastel artists. Her studio is in the heart of the Peak District in Buxton, Derbyshire. Her work explores the ever changing landscape that surrounds her studio in the Peak District and further afield- the light, seasonal colours, atmosphere and weather. She is renowned for her ability to capture dramatic skies and a sense of place. 

She is inspired by the grand landscape tradition from JMW Turner to Alexander Nasmyth and applies contemporary pastel and charcoal methods to develop epic representational works that convey the terrible beauty of wild open spaces.  ‘Nothing can be beautiful that is not true’ wrote John Ruskin.  Sandra seeks to recreate the beauty of dramatic skies and moorland vistas. A beauty that is based on her perception of the truth of these moments in time and place. She has a degree in Fine Art and many years experience as an art teacher and tutor. She is a multi award winning artist and has won a national art competition, The Buxton Spa Prize, The Derbyshire Open Landscape award and Best Visual Artist at the Buxton Festival Fringe. Workshops run at her studio or for your art group. Book workshops online or arrange a visit to her studio to browse and buy.


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