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Louise Edwards

It is the childish delight at our splendid countryside and it’s inhabitants-be they animal or plant, native or carefully encouraged-that continually makes Louise Edwards try to capture this wonder of British nature and the magical part that the changing seasons play within it.


Louise was shown how to print with lino cuts when she was young and the mystery and delight of the process has never left her. Every single print holds the same promise, potential and possibility of perfection that Louise chases with enthusiasm. Self-taught and constantly studying both technique and other artists work to improve, she takes constant delight in endeavouring with each block to capture the feeling of the image in her minds eye.

A long-standing background in a World-renowned studio pottery provides a constant influx of colour and design in Louise’s life. Never tiring of the creativity that surrounds her, she can often be found photographing the foliage, berries and flowers on her daily walks in the Staffordshire Moorlands with her Golden Retriever, some of which will find their way into the delicate and intricate linocut designs that she produces.

Louise is always willing to be challenged within her chosen artform and is happy to be contacted to discuss commissions, ideas and new projects.