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Kathryn Watson

Kathryn makes hand built sculptural ceramics. The clay spirals and twists to create unique organic forms.


Kathryn hand builds sculptural ceramics in her studio in Sheffield.
Originally studying Fine Art she discovered clay as she was exploring natural materials to construct sculptures for outdoor spaces.
Since 2012 she has worked exclusively with clay developing several series of works both for gardens and homes.

The process of making is slow and contemplative and involves allowing the clay to determine the final form. The sculptures are built using coils or irregular, flattened strips of clay or carved out of larger slabs of clay. She especially enjoys working with soft, malleable clay. As the clay dries it is carved, scraped and sometimes burnished. Most of the pieces are unglazed and rely on the hues of different clay bodies. Recently glazes and copper wire have been incorporated into some of the work. The ceramics work alone but are often grouped together.

Structures of both the man made and natural are referenced in her work.
Prehistoric rock carvings are an endless source of reference, the motifs of spirals, concentric rings and cups are carved into the clay. Plant structures, their flowers seeds and pods seen in her garden daily and on walks further afield often inspire sculptures. Recently more glazed work has been produced, the colours chosen are inspired by a variety of sightings : rusty metal railings, lichen on a fallen twig, seaweed on a wet rock, peeling paint on an old gate.
Currently she is experimenting with incorporating copper wire into her work to attach components.