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Kathryn Watson

Kathryn makes hand built sculptural ceramics. The clay spirals and twists to create unique organic forms.


Kathryn makes sculptural ceramics for both indoor and outdoor spaces. All her work is hand built using coils or slabs of clay, she intuitively responds to the clay as it spirals and twists to create unique organic forms. She especially enjoys working with soft, malleable clay that can be moulded and allowed to distort from the intended form. As the clay dries it is carved, scraped and sometimes burnished.She uses white,red and black stoneware clay which is rarely glazed, the clays are sometimes combined in one piece.The process begins with an image in mind and a small maquette is made, this is then enlarged and its form can alter as the clay dictates what is possible. The ceramics work alone but are often grouped together where they compliment and contrast with each other. Larger pieces are often made with components that are arranged in various ways on a metal rod.

Structures of both the man made and natural world are referenced in her work. City centre architecture,prehistoric rock carvings,millstones and rock formations on the edges of the Peak District and the flora and fauna of her garden all inspire.

Kathryn grew up in Sheffield and returned in 2012 to her family home where she has a studio. She sells her work through galleries, sculpture gardens and events in the UK.

Work in progress can be seen on Instagram @kw_ceramic_sculpture.