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Katherine Stephenson


Katherine Stephenson is a fused glass artist with a specific interest in semi-abstract layered landscapes. She work in innovate ways to use glass as a medium to capture movement, colour and texture, creating unique reactions and  painterly effects. In addition to wall art, Katherine also create one off statement pieces.


My work has developed conceptually to convey the notion of a sense of place in the viewers mind. Created solely from glass layers, kiln fired multiple time; each unique landscape express the essence and spirit of location and offer clear suggestion of a scene whilst allowing the viewer to form their own subjective interpretation of it.

I am inspired by the wild rugged landscape, the rock formations and big dramatic skies. I take numerous photographs to capture natural features of the land, which, in turn, inspires my glass art. The beauty of fused glass is that it appears to be constantly changing in different lights and settings.I have recently started to add pure silver to my work. The chemical properties of certain glass when combined together with silver and fired create interesting reactions which  I incorporate into my landscapes.