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Jonathan Mercer

Jonathan has over 30 years experience photographing landscapes and flowers. He produces fine art prints celebrating the beauty of British wildflowers. From the smallest flowers barely a few mm in size  to the largest blooms, Jonathan’s images have unravelled some of the most exquisite and intricate details; in some cases, so small as to be difficult to see with the naked eye.


Soapwort forms dense patches in roadside verges
Forget me not flower and emerging pink buds

Light, texture and the shape of the flowers are key elements in these portraits. Jonathan’s images are not intended as a botanical study but instead he seeks to celebrate the character of each flower. Some of his images focus on the aesthetics, and softness whilst others capture the most intimate details and some are a mass of blurred petals and stamens. Some wildflowers are photographed from underneath to capture nature’s architecture and others as gregarious groups

The images are available either as framed or mounted prints or postcards. A collection of over 130 images are also included in a book ‘Behind the Petals’ – available from Jonathan’s website

All the images are taken in the wild using only natural light. Often the same flower is photographed on lots of different occasions in different lighting before he is happy that the image has perfectly captured the character of the flower.

Jonathan’s aim is to produce beautiful images and in so doing raise awareness of the importance of protecting our natural floral heritage. Many of our native species are so small they are hidden in the shortest grass. He wants his images to encourage more people to explore the secret world of flowers and help value and protect the few remaining wildflower meadows that remain.