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Emily Murch

Emily Murch at Humming Loom tells stories in cloth, creating heirloom textiles and wearable art, inspired mainly by the natural world.
A shawl based on the Northern Lights
Weaving in progress on a shawl inspired by the Northern Lights
A scarf inspired by the colours of a bluebell wood.
Weaving in progress on a scarf inspired by the soft colours of a rose garden.
A scarf inspired by the soft colours of a rose garden.

Emily found hand-weaving through carrying her baby son in woven wraps. She was enchanted by the stories it’s possible to tell in cloth that have been largely lost to our fast-fashion society.  In 2019, Emily bought a loom and began teaching herself to weave and dye. Each of her pieces is carefully planned to tell its own tale. The daughter of a professional artist, Emily’s love of colour started at a young age, and remains her chief inspiration. She hand-dyes the yarn for her work according to her chosen palette – usually drawn from the natural world, and often from what she sees in the countryside around her Peak District home. The rest of her choices are made to enhance the story she wants to tell with a particular piece. She finds joy in how a successful handwoven piece stimulates so many senses at once – the texture in hand and balance on the body are as important to her as the visual impact.  She is a member of the Leek Guild of Spinners Weavers and Dyers, and has a studio in Warslow, from which she offers weaving and dyeing workshops. She also enjoys giving demonstrations on her portable table loom.

Emily Murch sitting at a loom