Amanda Graham

I am a Derbyshire based jeweller working with recycled precious metals and ethically sourced semi precious and precious stones. I also use enamel to add colour to my pieces and enjoy experimenting with this medium.


I am a Derbyshire based jeweller, and work from my studio at Haarlem Arts Space in Wirksworth. I run workshops to teach skills in vitreous enamelling and, having a science background, my work with enamels involves varying degrees of experimentation.

My work uses recycled precious metals, which include sterling and fine silver, with 18ct gold used to set precious and semi-precious stones. All gemstones used in my jewellery are sourced from countries such as Brazil, in which laws prohibit suppliers from imposing unethical working practices that include child labour, poor working conditions and unfair pay.

My local environment is a continuous source of inspiration in terms of design. I am surrounded by disused quarry sites and remnants from historical quarrying activities. Old, corroded machinery, blocks of stone and debris, together with encroaching vegetation, which ultimately generates new habitats for wildlife, inform the theme of ‘environmental reclamation’ that translates into many of my pieces.