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Mark Langley

Described as photo-realistic expressionism, Mark uses the finest draughtsmanship skills whilst expressing a mood or idea in high detail.


Mark Langley specialises in animal, architecture and landscape art inspired by his native county of Derbyshire. His works are mainly produced in a combination of Graphite and colour pencil with paint and ink work making an increasing appearance.

Animal Portraiture to commission was the origin of Mark’s high quality style of graphite mixed with colour pencil work. His hyperrealist attention to detail is uncommon in his self taught combined pencil style.

Currently self publishing, Mark produces original works and prints for galleries throughout the UK, sells his work via his website, and accepts commissions. A professional Artist, Mark works full-time from his UK studio in Belper, Derbyshire.


07849 657898

[email protected]

57 Becksitch Lane
DE56 1UZ