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Alex Jabore

Award winning figurative painter specialising in portraits and animal art through the medium of oil paints


Alex Jabore is a figurative painter specializing in depictions of the ballet. Over the last few years she’s worked with dancers from all around the world, creating oil paintings that examine their athleticism and grace. They are not simply depictions of he finished performance but examinations of the dedication and steel which goes into it.
Alex Jabore also has a keen interest in the UK’s bird life. With her studio in the garden and bird feeders all around she paints smaller works of blue tits, robins, goldfinches and anything else that comes to visit.
The one thing in common between both subjects is a fascination in oil paints themselves: she loves the richness of the medium and the way it can be manipulated to create an endless array of textres.

For updates on her practice please follow her on Instagram and Facebook, or find more examples of her work in her Etsy Shop