Quotes from members

“Being a member accepted into this high quality group of artists gives you more confidence in your work and makes for better painting” (Susan Burgess)

Because of the quality of exhibitions I have been part of through PDA, I have felt comfortable in raising my prices; as a result my sales have increased.” (Susan Burgess)

“I have had sales as a result of being in the brochure” (Eddie Hallam)

“Another huge benefit of PDA is that you can learn from the vast amount art and craft expertise willingly given in a friendly and helpful manner” (Eddie Hallam)

“The sales opportunities created by PDA are very well organised and very well marketed”
(L.A. Janetta)

PDA has a reputation as a group representing quality artisans and is recognised as a seal of approval regarding the standard of my work”
(L.A. Janetta)

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