16.04.2018, Workshop – Getting Started with Brushes XP

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16.04.2018, Workshop – Getting Started with Brushes XP
April 16, 2018
10 - 4pm
Workshop Cost:
Mark Courtney
01335 347425
December 11, 2017
St John Street Gallery
01335 347425
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50, St John Street Gallery , Ashbourne , DE6 1GH, United Kingdom

This is a great opportunity to introduce you to digital drawing and painting on your iPad or iPhone. The day will begin with a series of digital experiences, introducing you to the simple and then more complex elements of the app. We will intersperse working on your iPad or iPhone with experiments of a more practical nature, enabling you to consider how digital work may also aid and support your own drawing, painting etc.

Please bring along the following items: a fully charged iPad or iPhone, a compatible stylus – optional, a sketch pad and pencil case, an apron, a good clear photo of a piece of 2D work that you are unsure of how to develop. All other materials and pieces of equipment will be provided.

Please download the Brushes XP app to your iPad or iPhone ahead of the workshop, costing around £5.

More Information

The cost of the workshop includes refreshments and lunch from the cafe.

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