Artist Biography

Ann’s interest in pottery began in 1989 at a local evening class and, for her, the sheer joy of working with clay was immediate. She quickly progressed to a full time course at Chesterfield College and from there to the University of Derby to specialise in Ceramics. In 2000 Ann gained a First Class (Hons) degree.

Unfortunately soon after her graduation Ann suffered a bereavement. Although her life had changed, Ann found that working with clay helped her and she wondered if there was something she could make that might signify this. Through literature that Ann had received from funeral directors she discovered that commercially produced funerary urns (of a permanent nature) often left her feeling cold and empty.

Ann felt that she could address this issue and set about designing and making her own one-off pieces which she hoped would celebrate the life lived and might be of comfort to those who remain.

Impressions from seeds, shells or leaves decorate the work, and an interest in geological strata and ancient standing stones, with their carved decoration and symbols, is often evident. In particular the spiral, which symbolises growth and everlasting life.

Before embarking on a larger piece of work Ann usually produces a series of tiles to test texture and glaze to ensure their suitability. These tiles have proved popular with some clients as a point of reference or keepsake whilst others have simply requested them for use around the home.