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Maggie Robinson

Musical interpretations of the beautiful English countryside.


As a former musician, Maggie finds that seeing the landscape through the eyes, not only of an artist but also through the feelings of a musician, helps her to focus on her own interpretation of the beautiful English countryside. The many layers of work enable her to develop ideas and create through her imagination, all that is beautiful, rhythmic and harmonious and which have all become part of her series ‘The music of the Landscape’. Using rich colours, bold expressive marks and working towards the abstract, she helps the viewer to connect with her subject with just a few touches of realism in what she hopes is a dynamic and exciting result.

.Maggie is delighted to have been elected as a member of Manchester Academy of Fine Arts (MAFA) and as well as exhibiting with them she also exhibits with The Society of Women Artists and The Royal Society of British Artists in the Mall Galleries, London.

As a qualified teacher, she is regarded as an inspirational tutor and speaker and has taught artists from all over the world, her passion being, helping the individual discover their own artistic expression. Information about her work, galleries and events, talks and workshops can all be found on her website,