11th January, 2018

The Deadline for membership applications draws near

Thinking about joining PDA, the next application deadline is the beginning of February 2018

The next deadline for applications to join Peak District Artisans is rapidly approaching as applications must be received by 8.00pm on the 2nd February 2018 in order to be considered by the selection panel for the next round of interviews which will take place later on in February.

Peak District Artisans are a professional group of hardworking and enthusiastic artists, designer-makers and artisans based in and around the Peak District, membership selection takes place twice a year, in October and February. Opportunities arise that enables members to show work in prestigious venues that would never be available to us as individuals and in addition our members also enjoy and benefit from the support, friendship, professional expertise and wealth of experience that each individual brings to the collective.

If you are an artist, designer-maker or artisan based in and around the Peak District and are interested in applying to join this lively group then you can find further information as well as the application form in the ‘contact us’ section of the website.