11th January, 2018

Chatsworth Exhibition 2018

PDA’s Winter Exhibition at Chatsworth opens its doors on Friday 12th January 2018

PDA is delighted to be holding its fifth winter exhibition at Chatsworth 28 members of the group will be taking part in the exhibition which opens on Friday 12th January and will be open every day up until Friday 9th March, opening hours are 10.30am – 3.30pm and you can find the exhibition in the Burlington room which located in The Stables at Chatsworth.

The exhibition features both 2D and 3D work and is comprised of a wide variety of mediums and styles; from the artists who work in three dimensions you will find ceramics that are both beautiful, tactile, delicate and useful as well as imaginative, eclectic and contemporary sliversmithing and jewellery and also intriguingly crafted boxes and intricately carved wood. Work from the group’s 2D artists covers a broad range of subjects and styles and encompasses many different mediums including watercolour, acrylic, pastel, oils, mixed media, collage and photography.

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