4th May, 2017

Great Dome Art & Design Fair 2017

Peak District Artisans’ annual art and design fair will take place July 21- 23 in Buxton’s Devonshire Dome.

Part of the Buxton Festival Fringe, which runs from Wednesday 5 to Sunday July 23, The Great Dome Art and Design Fair will see over 50 members of the group exhibiting their work and delivering a range of talks and demonstrations. The eye-catching pieces and live artisanal demonstrations will cover a range of disciplines including ceramics, photography, silversmiths, fine art and more.

Speaking about the fair, PDA chair and member, Ingrid Karlsson said: “We’re delighted to once again be a part of the visual arts element of the festival.

“We’re inviting visitors to step into our world in the beautiful surroundings of this stunning building, whilst they browse and buy from our talented members.”

The free demonstrations and talks run throughout the weekend. (click on the images to enlarge)


Jane Bevan

Working with Found Natural Materials: An illustrated talk.

Jane Bevan will explore how artists can use natural materials with examples of her own work, inspiration and ideas including other contemporary artists and historical museum collections.

Annette Petch
Shaping and forming silver earrings: A Demonstration
Annette works in Argentium silver, sometimes combined with gold, to produce textured, three dimensional forms which she makes into jewellery. She uses traditional hand techniques including , chasing, repousse, forging and anticlastic raising, to produce earrings, bangles, necklaces and cufflinks. She will be demonstrating anticlastic raising to make her Rockhammer earrings.

Giles Davies
Do I have to stand on my head to do magazine collage? An Illustrated Talk
In this illustrated talk, Giles will explain how looking at things differently is fundamental to the exciting medium of magazine collage. Building on his experience, he will share some tips and hope to inspire you to get creative with your own collages.

Ingrid Karlsson
Narrative Mixed Media Art: An Illustrated Talk
Ingrid is a storyteller in her work, which means that her art work is inspired and often triggered by a narrative theme. This could be connected to a place, a person, a memory or a current event. Favoured techniques in this process are mono-printing with crystalline water-colour, machine stitching, collage, additional colour media, utilising words (prints, hand writing, transfers).

In the talk Ingrid will use many recent images to illustrate both the narrative process and the mixed media techniques. As seen in her part in BBC’s Countryfile (January 2017) Ingrid often links a particular location to her ongoing work developments

Brett Payne
‘Candlesticks, Vases & Table Silver’: An Illustrated talk
Description: I will talk about the methods and processes I have used to design and make my most recent pieces of silverware which include hand-raised flower vases and carafes, and hot-forged candlesticks and spoons.

Juliet Forrest

‘The Making of Ernie Bird’: A Demonstration
A step by step demonstration of the techniques involved in making an Ernie Bird.

Sandra Orme
‘Creating a dramatic sky in pastel’ .A Demonstration
Watch a dramatic and colourful sky being created with layers of pastels on specialist pastel paper. Sandra will demonstrate how she creates the vivid effects she has become so well known for.

Sue Prince
Making Egg Tempera Paint; A demonstration
Sue Prince, contemporary folk artist, will share the ancient secret of egg tempera paint making. From grinding the pigment to harvesting the golden yolk. She makes her own paints for her own art inspired by a traditional form of Swedish folk painting. This died out in about 1840. Sue has been running folk art courses in Sweden for 11 years and has been instrumental in re-introducing the technique into its native place.

Ruth Gray
Learn How to Use Ariel Perspective in Painting: A demonstration
Come and learn about the key elements of Aerial Perspective also called Atmospheric Perspective. Find out about the effect that the atmosphere has on the colour and tone of a landscape when it is viewed over a distance. Let Ruth show you how this is a very effective tool for landscape painting and how it is a less complicated technique to learn than linear perspective.

Liz Welby
My Year in Books at Scarthin Books, Cromford; The Story So Far. Talk / Demonstration
Liz will start with a short introductory talk about her experiences as working as artist in residence, where she creates digital images using an iPad. This talk will be followed by a short workshop, approx 25 minutes, for a maximum of 8 people, introducing Brushes XP on iPads and iPhones.

Vivienne Sillar
Making a Flight: Illustrated Talk / Demo
In this illustrated talk, Vivienne will explain how a 5 foot long sculpture was made to show at Chatsworth’s ‘Art Out Loud’ festival last September using only a 15 inch wide kiln. There will also be a chance to get your hands on clay and try some of the techniques used by Vivienne.

Cheryl Wilbraham
‘Working from Life’: Demonstration
Although I do use photographic reference for some aspects of my work I find that the most satisfying and rewarding studies are from life. You will be able to observe some of the processes and choices that I go through to produce a painting of a flower, including colour mixing, observation of light and dark and watercolour technique.

Roger Waterhouse
The Neglected Beauty of English Wood : An Illustrated Talk
Roger will share his love of English hardwoods showing how their inner beauty can be revealed in different ways, and demonstrating some of the hidden surprises that inspire him to create his exceptional wood products.

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