29th January, 2017

Liz Welby in February’s Artsbeat

Read about Liz Welby in the February edition of Artsbeat; this versatile fine artist is currently artist in residence at Scarthin Book, Cromford

You can read about PDA member Liz Welby in the February edition of Artsbeat; this versatile fine artist is currently artist in residence at Scarthin Books in Cromford.

“My residency at Scarthin Books began in April 2016. During my initial visits I began taking photos and making drawings of the exterior and interior, creating large still life groups with the lovely old chairs being particularly important elements of my work. This connects quite closely with one of my favourite themes of tables and chairs, with associated objects. More recently I have started to develop a series of staff portraits, which is a fresh departure, as it’s been some years since I last produced any work based on the figure. This has been quite a challenge and has taken me out of my comfort zone, but this is what I hoped the residency would do.

I decided to work on my iPad for a number of reasons. I had seen the work that David Hockney has been producing using Brushes XP and thought they were stunning. I needed to consider using processes that were unlikely to cause any damage in the bookshop, which ruled out a lot of materials such as pastels or inks. I was also keen to see what I could create with an iPad.

I initially started to create images on one layer, as you would if using pen or pencil on paper, but soon found this had its limitations. By using multiple layers I can create more complex images, whilst being able to adapt my work to a far greater extent.

Using Brushes XP allows me to work quite quickly, which allows me to complete at least one image on the day of my visits.

Over the last few months I have seen my work develop from mainly line based outcomes, to a more painterly approach; I still feel there is a lot more to explore with this app.

I am in the middle of quite extensive house renovations, which will eventually provide me with a new studio and workshop, but until this is completed my work space is limited and I cannot produce my usual print work. Working with my iPad has been a creative life saver, allowing me to create a new body of work using a technique that doesn’t require a designated work space.

I am really pleased that David Booker, the general manager at Scarthin Books, has agreed that we can extend the residency for a further year; following the completion of my new work spaces, I intend to develop imagery from my visits into lino and wood cuts and mono printing.”

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