31st January, 2017

Botanical Artist, Vivien Wilson in the news

Vivien Wilson specializes in botanical painting and this month will be featured in two different publications.

PDA member Vivien Wilson specializes in botanical painting and this month she will be featured in two different publications.

Artsbeat’s Amanda Penman visited Vivien in her studio overlooking both her garden and the fields beyond, where they discussed her inspiration, how she finds plants to observe and paint and how her early commissions ultimately led to a change of career. Vivien’s painting of Snowdrops is also featured as the cover image of the magazine. Artsbeat is out now and if you want to find out where to pick up your free copy or read the online version visit www.artsbeatblog.com

Vivien’s work is also being featured nationally, in forthcoming promotion with The Mail on Sunday this February. An original commission by The Woodland Trust for illustrations of 25 Native Trees is now being reproduced by The Mail on Sunday as a free wall-chart; this wall-chart will highlight trees which are now endangered.

Vivien was also very busy last year working on a much larger, follow up commission for The Woodland Trust; The Trust wanted a further fifty one tree illustrations, the deadline was tight as she was given just three months to paint each different tree in summer, winter and also produce a third composite image illustrating the details of leaf, blossom and fruit for each of the trees, so in all a total of one hundred and fifty three images. Within the three month timescale Vivien also had to locate the living specimens to draw from, where it was not possible to draw from a real life specimen intensive research, both written and photographic had to be conducted; the images for this new commission are to be used in educational and publicity images for a new Tree Identification App so there could be no artistic licence allowed.
On completing the commission Vivien said “I was so relieved to finish the work that I spread out all the illustrations on the floor to examine my achievement and felt that I never wanted to see a tree again!”

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