17th August, 2016

Lost & Found – by Sue Lewis-Blake

In September PDA member Sue Lewis-Blake will be exhibiting paintings and photographic prints at the prestigious Kultur Backerei, Luneburg, Germany.

An opportunity that came about as the result of an ongoing exchange of ideas with artist Ursula Blancke-Dau, Sue explains: “This link began with our meeting as part of a cultural exchange in 2012 and at first glance it may seem surprising that we have formed such a strong artistic association.

“Although both landscape painters, Ursula’s approach is very different to mine. She frequently portrays figures, has an expressive style and develops compositions with underlying narratives. My paintings are more static, rarely include figures and, although meanings may be suggested by the juxtaposition of objects, no one specific “reading” is intended. What intrigued us from the start, however was that we do share similar working practices [drawing from direct observation is vital for both of us] and are drawn towards the same sources of inspiration. Our ideas have been strengthened by exchange visits to each other’s studios, joint sketching trips and on-line discussions. The result has been a body of work with complementary rather than contrasting outcomes.”


The theme for our September exhibition is “Lost and Found”. It will bring together several strands that have emerged in their respective portfolios as a direct result of a collaborative process over the past few years. One of these strands is the idea of times past, or “lost”; echoing and being rediscovered or “found”. Living at Stanton in Peak, Sue regularly sketches at the Nine Ladies stone circle, Doll Tor and other ancient sites. The “lost and found” objects hung in trees or placed near stones have provided her with starting points and, showing these to Ursula on her visits to the UK then led her to explore ideas connected with the many ancient stone circles and burial sites in the area around her own home in Luneburg. In turn her resulting photography and video pieces encouraged me to develop photographic work of my own, using it not only as a resource but also as a medium in its own right.

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed developing this and other creative ideas, and can recommend anyone challenging themselves by teaming up with artists whose practice takes work in new directions…..something made wonderfully possible by being part of the PDA too!”