16th November, 2015

PDA welcomes two new members

Ceramic artist Jan Lewis-Eccleston and portrait artist Casey Allum have joined the group

Jan Lewis-Eccleston

Jan makes ceramic sculptures that reflect her love of the natural world, frequently with a strong marine flavour. She finds influences in medieval illustration, as well as literature and language, and she enjoys expressing the humour and absurdity of some of her subjects. Jan lives in Macclesfield.
More information about Jan and her work on her new website: https://www.jleceramics.co.uk/

Casey Allum
Casey is a portrait artist who specialises in pencil work having worked closely with the Derwent Pencil Company. Her animal pencil portraits draw attention to the negative space and light that surrounds her subjects which, for her, allows her subjects to breathe. She has recently moved to Brailsford near Ashbourne. Her work can be seen on her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/caseyallumartist

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