1st September, 2015

PDA member, Liz Wellby visits Lane End Farm.

Last month, one of our members, Liz Wellby, visited Lane End Farm to deliver a drawing workshop, ably supported by Sarah Sharpe and Bryony Sharpe.

Liz describes her visit:

“I had intended that we start with sketching outside before returning to the downstairs space and exploring colour, but sadly the weather kept most of us inside. However, despite the slight change of plans everyone joined in and settled down to their chosen tasks and explored drawing the views through the front doors and windows, birds, animals and pattern.

There was a lovely atmosphere, with everyone being very supportive of each other’s ideas and work. What was lovely was the wide range of abilities and experiences, but because of the intimate nature of the group we were able to give one to one support.

The young people involved enjoyed their creative experience and I had a lovely day on the farm. It’s a very special, nurturing place.”

Lane End Farm, a working hill farm which provides a simple environment of real quality where disabled and disadvantaged young people can be at one with nature and connect with their beautiful surroundings and the farm animals.

Lane End Farm caters for young adults from all walks of life; inner city, deprived, abused, neglected, disabled (both mentally and physically), or with learning difficulties and behavioural problems.

PDA supported Lane End Farm this year, donating the proceeds from our Great Dome Art Fair silent auction to the farm thanks to 13 members who contributed by donating a piece of their work. In total we raised £1500.