11th March, 2015

PDA selects five new members

PDA welcomes five new members Sue Lewis-Blake, Juliet Forrest, Rosalind Smith, Yuka Jourdain & Ian Saville…

PDA is delighted to welcome 5 new members. The membership panel set very high standards and the five members who have been selected all produce original work of the highest quality.

They are:
Sue Lewis-Blake – Fine Artist www.lewis-blake.co.uk/
Juliet Forrest – Stained Glass jjjartwork.com
Rosalind Smith – Earthenware Sculpture https://www.rosalindsmith.co.uk/
Yuka Jourdain – Designer Jewellery https://www.yukajourdain.com/
Ian Saville – Furniture Design www.iansaville.co.uk/