1st July, 2014

18ft art installation to feature at Great Dome Art Fair

A PDA member has constructed an 18ft wire hare – adding a new dimension to this year’s Buxton Festival Fringe

Designed and created by nationally published, BBC award-winning artist, Paul Tavernor, who is renowned for his distinctive oil paintings of hares and other animals, the giant three dimensional leaping hare of mammoth scale is entwined entirely out of wire.

Paul explained: “I just sat down on the grass one afternoon and started working without any reference. With one coil of strong wire in one hand and a pair of pliers in the other I started to create a skeletal shape, outlining bone structure, muscle and even movement before layering wire in parts to create the hare’s essence.

“When I first started, I thought I would use the hare’s head as a starting point. I didn’t really know how big the hare would be, but the head has dictated the scale of the body. I guess once its finished, the leaping hare will be approximately 18 foot in length and at least 12 foot high”.

Movement is of paramount importance to Paul; which is what many of his paintings are synonymous with. The motion is conveyed through the posture, angles and sometimes exaggeration. Paul, who has had no art training, has always had a passion for animals, an abundance of creativity and an eye for detail. His personal fusion has proudly and boldly created his own art form, any medium he turns his hand to instantaneously gives the viewers an observation of a living, moving animal whether it’s in 2D or 3D.

Whilst Paul has received various accolades, including being one of the UK’s best-selling artists on three occasions by the Fine Art Trade Guild and a BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year finalist, it seems the opportunities for Paul continue to spiral as he experiments with new mediums. Humbly Paul concludes: “I hope people will enjoy viewing the hare, as much as I have making it.”

The installation is now on display outside Buxton’s Devonshire Dome where he will remain during the run up to and during the Great Dome Art Fair, 19- 20 July.

Speaking about the installation, Christine Sweetmore, Business Development Manager at The University of Derby said: “The Dome is an important public space for the town, and it is a pleasure to use it to showcase the talent of the regions’ finest artists and artisans. We’re looking forward to seeing Paul’s hare installation in place – I’m sure it will be quite a talking point throughout the festival weekend.“
The award-winning Great Dome Art Fair – part of Buxton’s Festival Fringe – showcases the eclectic range of talent within the group including artists, ceramicists, furniture makers, designer makers and artisans.
Throughout the weekend a selection of members will be delivering a range of demonstrations and talks giving insightful examples whilst focusing on their individual styles. The winner of the groups’ Young Artist of the Year competition (who will be revealed during the preview event) will also be exhibiting their winning pieces.

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