4th March, 2014

PDA welcomes three new members

Textile Designer Jane Mitchell, artist Jill Ray and woodturner Roger Waterhouse have all been accepted for membership of the group.

Textile designer Jane Mitchell creates designs which are printed onto silk and then made into dresses and accessories. www.janemitchelldesigns.co.uk
Jill Ray paints landscapes in oils on canvas and also creates prints digitally. Both paintings and prints are mainly inspired by the Peak District, the east coast and local woodlands. Her main concerns are colour, light and the rhythms of the landscape.www.jillraylandscapes.co.uk
Roger Waterhouse is a wood turner making bowls from locally sourced English hardwoods. They range from functional fruit and salad bowls to purely decorative. They are unusual in that they exploit green woodturning to produce ovoid or warped shapes. He chooses crutchwood with stressing and spalting to bring out the intricacy and beauty of the grain.

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