12th October, 2013

PDA at the Great Peak District Fair

25 PDA members taking part in Autumn Showcase at The Great Peak District Fair 12th & 13th October

For the second year, twenty five members of the Peak District’s finest artists, artisans and designer-makers will stage their exclusive event within the Pavilion Gardens Arts Centre during the fair.
Last year thousands of people were attracted to one of Buxton’s most popular annual events enjoying a host of entertainment and locally produced delights.

Accommodating the Pavilion Gardens’ entire Arts Centre, ‘Autumn Showcase’ will feature a diverse display of high quality work from photography, fine art and furniture to ceramics, carvings and sculptures.

We are delighted to once again be invited to exhibit at the fair, which is without doubt, one of Buxton’s finest annual events. It’s great to be a part of this event that celebrates all things local. We will be creating a haven where art lovers can browse in relative peace whilst chatting to the artists and makers.

Autumn Showcase at The Great Peak District Fair takes place 12th and 13th October, 10am-5pm.

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