Keith Wright

26th June, 2016

This month we’re meeting Keith Wright

Keith Wright

Where are you from/based now?

I was born in Nottingham, and I'm now based in Long Eaton

Tell us about your work

I create images using photomontage inspired by natural and man-made surface textures.  

Can you describe how and why your career as an artist began?

I studied commercial photography in the 1980’s but this never really developed into a career. I have always been interested in design and when I met my wife (PDA member Justine Nettleton) art and design was a shared interest and I developed the confidence to use my photography to create artworks.

How long have you been a member of PDA?

I joined the group in October 2012

What’s the greatest benefit of being a PDA member?

It's helped introduce me to a whole new market of customers and being associated with such high-quality artists has inspired me to ‘raise my game’  

What do you think people see in your work – what draws them to it?

My photographs are more like abstract designs. They don’t necessarily look like photographs at first viewing. I think people are interested to find out what the images actually are and how they are done. I always provide a back story of where and when I collected the original images which most people seem to find interesting.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

I want to continue to develop my work and hone my style. I hope to continue with the PDA and use the opportunities that arise from being a member. My next step is to use galleries to sell my work as well as the PDA shows.  

What / who inspires you? Is there anyone specific that inspires you – either from the arts world, or on a personal level?

My wife Justine is a great inspiration, her creativity, innovation and work ethic is both an inspiration and a challenge! Luckily I never feel in competition and she is very supportive of my work. Recently I have discovered the brand of Miho Unexpected Things home design and wall art. I really like their graphical quirky approach.